Master of Executions: World Eaters

My finished World Eaters Master of Executions… because I soo needed another model to paint…


I finally finished working on my my World Eaters Master of Executions conversion. I was going to add way more embellishments to the model, but I ultimately decided to not go for my usual style, and that less would be more. After making some minor alterations to make it fit, I was very pleased with how the MKIII helmet turned out. It was also pretty easy to add the Khorne Berzerker crest on it. The only other thing I wanted to add was a screaming face eating a world. To the plain shoulder pad. As my sculpting skills are minimal it seems I opted to not attempt sculpting this, and rather used existing pieces and greenstuff to blend. I’m pleased with how it looks in the end. And of course I couldn’t resist using some of the new GW skulls I picked up in Houston on his base.

Update “My Current Project”

decided to try my hand at making a World Eater’s Master of Executions (to take a small break from my current project)

I haven’t been posting anything as of late because I have been stumbling my way through scratch building an alien deathworld board and terrain for me and some friends to start playing kill team on (finally got them into it lol). I will do a showcase once I’m finished, but no tutorial as I have been doing a lot of trial and error. All that out of the way, there is this bit of news!

So today I got to go by the new Warhammer (GW is rebranding their stores) store that just opened in Shreveport, LA. I have to say I was super psyched about what I saw, as this is the closest dedicated 40k store to me now being only 2 hours away opposed to NOLA that is close to 5. The store is fantastic, and the actual space they have (as well as the stock perhaps) is bigger than the GW store I went to in Houston, TX awhile back.

While there on top of the intended paintbrush and some paint I got, I Couldn’t help but pick up a Master of Executions while I was there.

So here is a sneak preview of my (new other) current project! On the down side I decided what I wanted to do for the helmet, before actually measuring it to see if it fit… so some cutting and adjustments will need to be made lol.

Making Krälgor: Part 2

Here at long last is the second part to making Krälgor.

Phase 5 Base Painting

So at this face I put down all of my basic colors that I would build upon.  Note that I tried to do NMM (Non Metallic Metal), but after several horribly botched attempts I gave up and opted for metal.

Phase 6 Final Layers

Then next step was to do the final layers that would be the actual colors of things I was going to be adding more detail to later.  Basically this made the colors more solid.

Phase 7 Details and Freehand

Finally I got to fleshing out the details and doing some freehand. I did some Chaos Runes on the armor to (try) and make it look like they were burning.  And I wanted to add some screaming skulls and faces on the inside of the cape.  I also wanted to give him the classic World Eaters tribal tattoos like you see on Angron.

Phase 8 Final Details

Lastly  I touched things up like the XII on the flayed skin on the leg and added more definition with the final details.  I also painted and varnished the base.

And here he is complete!


Kholak Gorehound

I came up with the concept for this as the right hand/champion of Krälgor when I was DMing a campaign in the WH40K tabletop RPG Black Crusade (highly reccomend!). I did a (very) rough concept sketch of the character for the campaign (and because I was bored and afraid I would forget the mental image I had for the character). I decided that I like the character enough that I was going to make the character in into a miniature for my army. I originally (and to a degree still am) was unsure how this character would fit into my army rule-wise as he is fuel wielding chain axes, but I figured screw it I’ll go with it and hope that my opponent is lenient. With the new Vigilus Ablaze stuff coming out I think I could make this guy into an awesome Master of Executions as it would fit into the lore I have for him perfectly. The biggest problem I have however is my knowledge on allowed wargear is very outdated now as the last game I was able to play was in 7th edit on and the most recent codex I have is the Khorne Daemonkin. That said I am never one to let rules curb vision lol. So here is my miniature version of Kholak Gore Hound.

The axes are from puppets war, the arms are Chaos maurader horsemen arms if I recall (been collecting parts for him for a long time now). The mouth grill is meant to look like a mouth eating a world, so hopefully I can show that with paint. That little world is going to be hard as heck to paint though lol

All and all I was pleased with the end result. That said I am always looking for an easier better way to sculpt the world eaters iconography. So far I have not found a very good efficient method.

If you like what you have seen be sure to follow for more, and as always any and all questions, feedback or comments are welcome!

Creating Better Khorne Berzerkers!

Anyone who is a huge fan of the world eaters has likely seen some amazing Khorne Berzerker (KB) art, be it online, the cover of black library books, or inside a CSM codex. Reading about KB in black library novels, or other sources one quickly sees that thwys guys are seriously awesome ruthless badasses who are arguably the most iconic units in all of WH40K. I mean what is more bad ass than a group of elite units that are so pissed off all the time that they will keep sharing and fighting even when mortally wounded and blown in apart. These guys are like the black knight of Monty python’s holy grail if they where tripping on PCP and in roid rage “Tis but a flesh wound!”. These guys are the reason I decided go with a world eaters army in the first place instead of a Black Templars army (ok, so I may have an obsession with fanatical psycho butchers lol).

So if you love the world eaters and specifically the Khorne Berzerkers like me you will likely be familiar with the the disappointment of getting your first Games-Workshop Khorne Berzerker kit. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are definitely worse looking kits (*cough “obliterators/mutilators”) but the kit is just very bland when compared to some of the amazing lore and art of these guys. And then there is also the whole issue of the god awful captain/champion head in the kit. you know the one…

I MEAN COME ON GW!!!! Dont get me wrong the kit other than this guy is not a bad kit, but… it could be so much better.

In short the KB are just begging for some kit bashing to liven up the models.

So without further adieu, here is my first squad of kit bashed and (in my opinion) greatly improved khorne Berzerkers!

Before I dive in I want to make available the parts I used as best I can so I will attempt to list the parts as best I can as well as the site or link of where I got them.

The bare heads I used other than the one with the topknot as well as the awesome world eaters and skull shoulder pads are from

Sadly however neither of those are available anymore. All the same I highly reccomend checking them out, especially if you want to customize some cultist or imperial guard.

Skulls from

The other bits I used I got from

The kits I used bits from are as follows.

● Chaos marauder horsemen

● Wrath mongers

● space marine tactical squad

● chaos Raptors

● Khorne Berzerkers (obviously)

● possessed CSM

● CSM Aspiring Champion.

● MK III power armor Heads (specifically the Crest for those helmets)

* sadly can’t remember all of them since I have been collecting bits for awhile now, and some of them where given to me so I am not positive of what kit they came from.

The first thing I did was made some more interesting heads. I took the horns (bunny ears) from some AoS khorne heads I had bought and attached those to different helmets and heads. I also took the MKIII helmet created as mentioned above and added it to a normal KB helmet.

The first pic I cut off the exhaust vents from a KB back pack and added skulls in there place.

The second pic I cut away part of a KB helmet and a part of one or the puppets war bare heads and added the face there so I could sculpt with GS later to make it look like his helmet was broken revealing part of his face.

The first pics are the first guy I made. I used a maurader horsemen arm for the bare arm. The chain sword is a Raptors chain sword that I added a medallion of khorne to its hilt from one of the KB chain swords. The raptor chaonswords and arms look really awesome as they are far more gruesome looking than the more basic KB weapon arms. I also took the combi-weapon from a terminator and attached it to a KB arm for one of the squad leaders. Next I attached banners to some back packs.

The last few pics are close ups of other KB I made and a different angle of the first one again.

This guy I made because I was inspired by two things. one the World Eaters Blood Priest as described in Khârn: Eater of Worlds (Pg. 55-57 I think). And the later was the awesome looking chain sword which reminded me of a 40k version of this weapon wielded by the Uruk-hai berserkers in LOTR The Two Towers

So I made this guy like he was screaming out a challenge to any brave enough to come die by his hand!

Head and shoulder pad is from puppetswar, the book is from the CSM terminator lord.

Here are the front views of half of them the one in the middle and directly to the right of him are two squad leaders.

Here is the gang all together after they have been primed, plus one special character that I will do a separate post on (can you spot which one it is?)

So there it is, my KB. If you would like to see more be sure to follow me, and as always if you have any questions, comments or critique please feel free to contact tact me!

Legion of Carnage Lore


The Legion of Carnage is a Chaos warband dedicated to the Chaos God Khorne. Formerly the 111th Company of the XII Legiones Astartes the World Eaters. The warband is lead by the fanatical Chaos lord Krälgor “The Herald of Carnage”.

Like many Khornate warbands the Legion of Carnage favours close combat tactics, and full frontal attacks. Additionally the Legion of Carnage continues the use of the XII legions favored tactic of Drop pod assaults as a shock tactic against their foes. Unlike many of the former World Eater warbands, numbers are not being depleted but rather are steadily albeit relatively slowly growing. This is due to the fact that the Legion of Carnage has established a series of bases on feral daemon worlds within the Eye of terror where they can recruit new initiates. The key to the Legion of Carnage being able to grow is their home world deep within the eye where a day single day on outside of the Eye is roughly equates to a month on the planet. This means that while the Legion of Carnage is going about prosecuting their endless war of carnage in khorne’s name, aboard their fleet which they are largely based out of, when time comes to replenish their fallen ranks they can do so as years have often passed on their primary home world.



The 111th Company was founded on Terra during the creation of the XII Legion which then known as the “War Hounds”. While it was never proven to be intentional the 111th Company had a peculiar trend in its structure that many thought was entirely too reoccurring to be purely random. That structure is most of the recruited Astartes tended to come from extremely violent backgrounds with some even rumored to have been convicted murderers, yet almost all of the officers were high born citizens.

Saarvinus Grael was the Captain of the 111th Company. He was the youngest of three sons from a Terran family that rose in prominence due to their unyielding support of the Emperor at the onset of the Unification Wars. Grael from an early age as schooled in military tactics, trained physically for combat and tutored by the best academics available. Even before Grael’s transformative ascension to the ranks of Astartes he was considered to be an exceptionally intelegent person able to make accurate complex calculations in seconds in his head which in turn contributed to him being considered a tactical genious being able to best even veteran Imperial tacticians. Grael was the picture of a self-restrained disciplined officer that would have risen to prominence in any of the legions… any but the XII. Perhaps because Grael was by all obvious standards an exemplary officer he was put in charge of 111th so that he could keep the War Hounds more aggressive Astartes on a mangable leash. Conflict between Captain Grael and the Astartes was apparent from the beginning , but it sharply increased after the 111th first combat deployment. The 111th was tasked with taking and holding a 15 block hab sector during the Sa’afrik Liberation. Their orders were to take out any all hostile forces before they could forcefully conscript the civilian inhabitant. The rules of engagement were to take extreme caution to avoid civilian casualties. Due to the vast size of the target area Grael issued his orders to his seargents who were to function with autonomy so that they would be able respond to any changing factors in the mission. The mission proceeding as planned until an hostile unit hid amongst the civilians and ambushed an Astartes and managed to kill one of the squad members running point. When the report went across the company vox channel within seconds all but two squad sergeants upon the urging of their men gave the order update target parameters to list civilians as hostile elements. Though it only took 10 minutes and 23 seconds to break though the vox interference and Grael to reassert control to give a ceasefire some units did not stop killing until 5 minutes later. In the end over 2,000 civilians had been killed. After that incident Captain Grael commanded the 111th with an iron fist, and micromannaged his squads to an excessive level. Because of this his men started see him as a control freak, and Grael saw them as savage animals that only he could keep in line. In the end tensions continued to rise.

United with the Primarch

While many of the legion captains were heart mortified of not heart broken upon the discovery of the unhinged nature of there genesire few were more appalled than Grael was when he witnessed Angron kill several of the other captains. After the XII Legion was united with Angron and became known as the World Eaters, the Legion sought to emulated their Primarch, and in doing so their battle tactics became more head on assaults with melee units, which in turn meant there casualties also drastically increased. Early on the 111th Company earned itself a bad reputation within the Legion for being considered too cautious, and even worse not showing pure veneration of their Primarch under Captain Grael’s leadership. While none could argue with the fact that the 111th Company accomplished every mission, critics were quick to point out that even though Grael had far fewer casualties, his tactics also took longer than a head long approach would have. This would prove to be the salvation of many in the company, but the death of the saviors at the start of the Horus Heresy.

The Crusade Continued

While Grael had ordered that no one in the 111th was to undergo the butchers nail psycho-surgery, participate in any of the gladiatorial fighting pits or any of the warrior lodges that were ever spreading through the legion. It did not stop the legionares of the 111th from doing all three. Whereas in the Warhounds Grael’s orders had been obeyed as iron laws that were imbued in his rank. In the World Eaters his iron grip on the 111th company was slipping as his voice became a single note of resistance against the orchestra that was the changing of the legion from the Emperor’s Warhounds to Angron’s Eaters of Worlds. While on the surface the 111th still obeyed Grael, in the shadows other figures began to gain in authority, in the 111th company, and before long Grael was leading the company in title only.

The Warrior Lodges

Like many of the other legions the World Eaters began to have secret societies sprout up with in them known as Warrior Lodges. The Word Bearers helped establish these lodges within each legion, but early on it was difficult for a lodge to be established in the 111th due to Gael being admitately against such things. Despite this a lodge was established within the 111th by an individual few would have expected, but respected. That individual was known as Krälgor. Krälgor was a veteran warrior who was among the first of the XII Legion from Terra to join the super human ranks of the Astartes. Krälgor was known to be one of the best duelist in the 111th, and a peerless warrior on the battlefield. Even when the rest of the 111th fell into disgrace under Grael’s command Krälgor was still held in great regard amongst the XII Legion across all companies. Yet despite this great respect and renown Krälgor did not lead a squad, and was known to never disobey orders or break the chain of command. In fact if Krälgor had on fault in the eyes of his comrades it was the fact that he was a fanatic for rules and following them, so much so that his brethren would often joke with him saying that he must have had the gene seed of Guilliman instead of Angron. Thus it took the company by great surprise when it was Krälgor who founded the Qaul’ta Morguul warrior lodge in the 111th company, despite Gael giving strict orders forbidding such lodges. This simple act of defiance proved to be the first step for Kralgor toward the path to leadership of the 111th. As the lodge membership grew to include all save a few members of the 111th company Krälgor became the most influential voice in the company. As the lodges from other companies began to meet and communicate with one another Krälgor quickly became the unofficial leader of the 111th company as he was now the one talking to the captains of the other companies, not Gael.

Council or Nikaea

After the ruling of the Council of Nikaea the Word Bearers offered to extend there services to all the legions who wanted them so that they could provide and train chaplains to help with the mental wellbeing of the Astertes within the legion. The XII accepted this offer and and thus the Word Bearers sent chaplains to each company to find and train World Eaters from each company to become chaplains. Atazoth, the Word Bearer assigned to the 111th quickly saw that Krälgor was the perfect person to be trained to not only be a chaplain, bit to be the one to deliver the 111th into the hands of the dark gods just as his Primarch Lorgar had planned. At first Atazoth simple taught Krälgor how to be a chaplain, but as their friendship grew he began to teach him of the dark gods. By time Atazoth was recalled to his legion Krälgor had become quite adapt at incantations, daemonic rituals and many other arcane rights that no mortal should know. Out of all of this new found knowledge, the one thing that attracted Krälgor the most was the lure of the Blood Father whom he and his brethren would later learn to call Khorne.

The Horus Heresy

As time had passed Krälgor’s influence had grown, and his devotion knowledge of chaos with it. When the time came to assemble units to be sent down to the surface of Isstvan V to crush the rebellion there it was Krälgor who ultimately without the knowledge of Grael hand picked the individuals from the 111th to be sent down. All of those chosen were those individuals that were most loyal to Grael and refused to join the warrior lodge. Kralgor knew full well that those good ng down to the planet surface would never leave it so he made sure to include any and all 111th legionaries that would stand the the way of what he now saw as the Blood Father’s true plan for the legion. When the dissenters planet side Krälgor became the first chaplain in the XII legion to officially take up his new title of Blood Priest. Angron ever being one detached from his men bestowed leadership of the 111th on the second in command Captan Carryark Thulme who while loyal to Angron and the Warmaster saw his primary goal being the preservation of the Legion. Thulme understanding the influence Krälgor had decided to elevate Krälgor to his second in command and personal advisor on all issues regarding the 111th company. When word reach Thulme and Krälgor that Gael and a squad of those loyal to him were still alive on Isstvan hold up in the palace with Garviel, Krälgor insisted that he be the allowed join the force sent to exterminate them once and for all. Thus in his power armour which he had newly christened in blood and the skull rune of Khorne Krälgor made planet fall, and took the honor of taking the head of captain Gael. Afterwards Krälgor began preaching of the blood father openly and spreading the corruption or chaos throughout the 111th, though Thulme proved to never be a believer.

Skalathrax until now

When the World Eaters began fighting the Emperors Children on the world of Skalathrax Captain Thulme organized the 111th as best he could to fight this fight like any other battle of the Crusade. So when the weather became inhospitable to the point that even Astartes would freeze to death if they were out on the cold night, he ordered his men to take shelter. Krälgor was enraged when he received the order so when he heard that Khârn had refused to stop fighting and was killing all who would take the path of cowardice, Krälgor gathered his warriors and joined Khârn in his purge or the weak. Krälgor continued to burn the shelters with a flamer like Khârn until and his men were confronted by captain Thulme and those loyal to the captain. At that moment Krälgor threw down his flamer, drew his two chainaxes and challenged Thulme to an honour duel on the grounds that the cowardly actions of Thulme were unworthy of the Blood Father, and thus Thulme was unworthy of leading the 111th. Krälgor slew Thulme within only a few seconds, and then fell upon those who had stood with Thulme in his moment of cowardice. When Kralgor had killed those who brought dishonor to the 111th, and was covered in their blood, he had a vision gifted to him from the Blood Father. In the vision he saw the legions of the Blood God, and the warriors of the 111th marching and fighting side by side. As one daemon or World Eater would fall, two more would rise from the rivers of blood flowing from their enemies. At this moment Krälgor declared that the 111th were reborn as Khorne’s Legion of Carnage. Krälgor gathered all of his men and fought their way towards the transports killing any who came across their path regardless of legion. When they got to the transports they took everything they could and returned to their ship as well as stealing a few other ships that were poorly defended due to poo battle deployments on Skalathrax. Krälgor set ordered all his ships to plot a course to the same location as his flagship which was a set of coordinates given to him in his vision. They left Skalathrax and found the region they named the Blood Cradle in the Eye that they established a bases at and now reside when not on their ships. The blood Cradle was a crimson pocket in the eye which was not completely exposed to the warp. In it there was a total of 15 habituated worlds with the largest of which being the one they established their main base on.

Making Krälgor: Part 1

The first part of me making my World Eaters Leader Krälgor.

Now that I have uploaded a very lengthy bio for the Legion of Carnage I am going to start uploading everything I have done such as painting, sculpting, kit bashing, building terrain and anything else that I happen to do along my journey in the 40k hobby.

So I think the best place to start would be my Commander Krälgor The Herald of Carnage. This is a bit of a tutorial as well as a show case.

A little background

***Nothing in this part is vital for the tutorial/showcase of the model, so if you don’t care about the background feel free to skip this part***

I got into the wh40k tabletop when a friend who has played for years went in half and half on the dark vengeance starter set (Yeah, I haven’t been in the hobby very long). I knew I wanted to do a World Eaters Khornate army, so I got the CSM and he got the DA. I started out with only two GW paints (Sycorax Bronze & Wazdakka Red), and had really no idea of what units were good or bad. Long story short (will post how I got into 40k and such maybe at a later time) I played my first few games and loved it, but I wanted to really flesh out my army and my leader leader more. I knew I wanted a Chaos terminator lord rather than a Daemon prince (I do plan on getting/making one though someday) because I had started to formulate an idea of how I wanted Krälgor to look. Throughout my time getting into this hobby I quickly fell in love with the modeling and terrain aspect of it all (if I’m honest I almost like do that more than actual wargaming aspect), so I started trying to learn as much as I could and get ideas on how to make mode interesting models and such by sculpting, painting and kit bashing. So when I was looking on GW’s site for models that had interesting parts I would like to get to kit bash I decided to look at WHFB models as I had seen many other people make some amazing unique looking units with WHFB bits. I had already seen, loved and decided I would use the FW Zhufor the Impaler model for the base model to build upon but I wanted to make my leader unique so I didn’t want to use the head. I came across the Vampire Counts Vlad model and was immediately inspired from the head, namely the hair. So to quickly get to the point here is what my original raw concept was: I wanted my leader to be a complete fanatic to Khorne, so he would almost be a mix or a WB Dark Apostle and a Khorne Berzerker. At the same time I wanted him to be very fair in features that would almost come across as handsome to offset the nature of the character. As you will see I later changed this concept some, but I still kept most things from it. One I wanted him to have long flowing hair, and I wanted it to be super pale white. Two I wanted him to have extremely almost deathly pale ashen skin. And lastly I wanted him to have traditional world water gribal/gladiatorial tattoos like Angron. As far as armour went I wanted him have tons of trophies, and to signify his more barbaric WE past I wanted him to have either a fur cloak, or have fur draped over his cloak and armor. Lastly I wanted him to have two chain axes would make him stand out. So now that that is out of the way I’ll dive into the making of Krälgor the Herald of Carnage.

Phase 1: Pose

Before I started any work on Krälgor I wanted to see how the model would fit together in the pose I wanted him to be in. To do this I cut everything that would need to be adjusted from the standard models pose and stuck it together with blue sticky tack. Since the Icon of Khorne on the top front of his armour would not be needing adjusting I went ahead and glued in in place to get an idea of how it would look.

Phase 2: Sculpts

Next I sculpted the details I wanted on Krälgor, as well as filled in gaps, and did sculpting to fit the pieces I had cut and re-positioned on him. I was greatly inspired by the Khorne Daemonkin codex, so fill out the character I sculpted a book to be a tome of slaughter bound in human flesh. I used to pieces of shrunk Shrinky-dinks with a blob of greenstuff (GS) in between that I used my hobby knifes to make groves in it to form the pages. then I put on both sides and sculpted the cover.

Next I sculpted a the other parts, as well as a lip around the base so any Blood for the Blood God paint (BFBG) would be able to pool.

At this point I had attached many of the bits I would use, making sure as best I could that they all would flow in a logical direction like the wind was blowing it, as well as the awesome looking axes from puppetswarminiatures which they sadly no longer carry last I checked. I also sculpted a back on a chest piece so I could use it for a skull loin cloth on the back. lastly I took one of the God-awful khorne berzerker champion heads and attempted to make it into a noise marine head. I was ok with how it turned out, but I ended up not using it as it did not fit on the base in a way that I was please with.

Next I sculpted the hair and the butchers nails on the head. Then I started on sculpting the fur for the cloak, and exhaust pipes, some chains to wrap around his arm later and some strips to be flayed flesh that would chaotic mockeries of the purity seals.

Phase 3: Final Touches

Finally I glued on the bits and put them in place, as well as added more fur and skulls to the cloak. At this point I had everything in place and was ready to begin painting.

Phase 4: Priming

This next phase was really straightforward but I am including it to point out/share two things. One is that because I had do so much sculpting and and had so many small details I did not do what I usually would do which is use black spray paint. Instead I hand painted him to prime him. The second thing I want to point out is the most important painting lesson I have learned, and that is to thin your paint, and do multiple thin layers to make sure you do not cover up any details. I highly recommend making/using a wet pallet.

I will end this step-by-step here and save the painting of Krälgor for the second half . I hope you have enjoyed this. If you have any questions or would like me to clarify anything please feel free to ask! Until next time!