Small update

I’m hoping to be having some things to post soon. I have taken a break from painting the Noise Marine until I can get a better grasp of what I want to do with him, and in the mean time I have been focusing on painting the new CSM kit as Iron Warriors. I have to say while I had mixed feelings about how limited the models were as far as posing and customizing options, I have been thoroughly enjoying painting them. Though that could largely be due to the fact that I have been wanting to paint some IW for awhile and it’s a very nice break from my usual World Eaters color scheme of red and bronze.

Hopefully I will have the squad finished within the next few days or at least by next week.


New CSM Squad Kit

So I finally finished building these guys and I got to say I have mixed feelings. The models look amazing, but they are a nightmare to build. What you see is what you get with these guys. The only customizable parts are the heads and arms(most arms). The poses are pretty limited when paring them with the arms because many arms wont fit well on certain bodies. And on that note, let’s talk about things fitting together…

If you aren’t planning on equipping these guys with with chainswords and volt pistols then get ready for a tough time. Almost none of the bolter arms fit well, and some of them (2 pairs) are so bad that I had to use some greenstuff to make them attach to the torso.

As far as building them goes, I would reccomend only building one at a time taking pieces from the sprue as you build each one rather than get all the pieces off first. The reason for this is because these guys only fit together one way and if you dont know which parts to use it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle (I sadly had to do the puzzle approach).

So now to the instersesting things. If this is anything to go off of it seems like this kit reinforces the rumors about the World Eaters and Emporer’s Children getting their own armies and kits soon. If you notice the transfer sheet on this kit as well as the pictures on the back only contain Chaos Undivided Legions. Here is to hoping right?

I just got the new CSM squad for $35!

Well someone just lost their job lol. I ordered a pack of the old CSM squads on Ebay since they will no longer be available now that the new models are out. The old units cost $45 but now that they are obsolete they cost about $35. The new units on the other hand cost $60. The 0ackage came in today and I opened it and guys what? Some one accidentally sent me a brand new box of the new $60 dollar models for only $35! Wont be reporting this incorrect purchase lol.

That being said I would really like to get one of the old kits still since I want to make them into some Iron Warriors.

Painting the noise marine part 2

Well he is coming along slowly (very slowly) but surely.

The hair was very frustrating to see how I wanted to do it, and I will likely regret my methods in the future. But hey, every mini is a learning experience (for me at least). The hair is largely finished ad the point minus some highlighting and shading I want to add. So far the most difficult thing about painting this guy is the fact that I still have no clear vision of what I want yet.

On one hand I want to make this guy as gaudy as possible, while still having a general theme. On the other hand I what to make him a bit more traditional Emperor’s Children looking (but that seems boring to do with this awesome mini). In the end this lack of vision is causing me to leave many areas unattended while putting in details that I know I want to do (which will be hell later on to touch things up), and this in turn makes him look more like a patchwork mess. I may take a break working on him until I can have a more solid idea of what I want to do. So far what I do have any idea about wanting to do is a “Starry Night” type designs on the shoulder pads that I will have as a back ground of any symbols I paint. And on the right leg I want to attempt to get an interesting pattern that is inspired by this

I think if I can get close to this choral look that it will be really cool looking and very reminiscent of the Laer (which is where the Emperor’s Children first encountered Slaanesh). Not really sure how I will do that though.

As for the left leg I what to attempt some free hand where I have painted the area grey and attempt to paint this image of Slaanesh on his leg

then the brown part of the leg I think I will paint leopard print to stick with the more traditional paint scheme seen on this guy and his 1991 counterpart.

If you have may ideas or feed back, I would love to hear from you, and I would very much appreciate any advice or suggestions!

Painting the Noise Marine part 1

So I finally got this guy base painted. Since I am pretty much just painting this model for fun I opted to not use spray paint to prime him like I normally would had instead base painted him by hand. So far I am not really sure what I want to do with him, so 90% of all the areas I based black are areas I am still unsure how I want to paint them.

Well a thing happened…

I went to the hobby store and saw this guy, and couldn’t resist buying him! I will like never use this miniature in my army as I don’t force having Slaaneshi scum in my of devout servants of Khorne. But hell I have wanted to paint one of these miniatures from the first time I saw the 1991 model! Thus noise marine is going to be some serious fun to paint!

I also could not help but add some skulls to the base for some flavour since the base seemed too empty haha. I will post the painted figure later.

Kholak Gorehound

I came up with the concept for this as the right hand/champion of Krälgor when I was DMing a campaign in the WH40K tabletop RPG Black Crusade (highly reccomend!). I did a (very) rough concept sketch of the character for the campaign (and because I was bored and afraid I would forget the mental image I had for the character). I decided that I like the character enough that I was going to make the character in into a miniature for my army. I originally (and to a degree still am) was unsure how this character would fit into my army rule-wise as he is fuel wielding chain axes, but I figured screw it I’ll go with it and hope that my opponent is lenient. With the new Vigilus Ablaze stuff coming out I think I could make this guy into an awesome Master of Executions as it would fit into the lore I have for him perfectly. The biggest problem I have however is my knowledge on allowed wargear is very outdated now as the last game I was able to play was in 7th edit on and the most recent codex I have is the Khorne Daemonkin. That said I am never one to let rules curb vision lol. So here is my miniature version of Kholak Gore Hound.

The axes are from puppets war, the arms are Chaos maurader horsemen arms if I recall (been collecting parts for him for a long time now). The mouth grill is meant to look like a mouth eating a world, so hopefully I can show that with paint. That little world is going to be hard as heck to paint though lol

All and all I was pleased with the end result. That said I am always looking for an easier better way to sculpt the world eaters iconography. So far I have not found a very good efficient method.

If you like what you have seen be sure to follow for more, and as always any and all questions, feedback or comments are welcome!