Update “My Current Project”

decided to try my hand at making a World Eater’s Master of Executions (to take a small break from my current project)


I haven’t been posting anything as of late because I have been stumbling my way through scratch building an alien deathworld board and terrain for me and some friends to start playing kill team on (finally got them into it lol). I will do a showcase once I’m finished, but no tutorial as I have been doing a lot of trial and error. All that out of the way, there is this bit of news!

So today I got to go by the new Warhammer (GW is rebranding their stores) store that just opened in Shreveport, LA. I have to say I was super psyched about what I saw, as this is the closest dedicated 40k store to me now being only 2 hours away opposed to NOLA that is close to 5. The store is fantastic, and the actual space they have (as well as the stock perhaps) is bigger than the GW store I went to in Houston, TX awhile back.

While there on top of the intended paintbrush and some paint I got, I Couldn’t help but pick up a Master of Executions while I was there.

So here is a sneak preview of my (new other) current project! On the down side I decided what I wanted to do for the helmet, before actually measuring it to see if it fit… so some cutting and adjustments will need to be made lol.

Making Krälgor: Part 2

Here at long last is the second part to making Krälgor.

Phase 5 Base Painting

So at this face I put down all of my basic colors that I would build upon.  Note that I tried to do NMM (Non Metallic Metal), but after several horribly botched attempts I gave up and opted for metal.

Phase 6 Final Layers

Then next step was to do the final layers that would be the actual colors of things I was going to be adding more detail to later.  Basically this made the colors more solid.

Phase 7 Details and Freehand

Finally I got to fleshing out the details and doing some freehand. I did some Chaos Runes on the armor to (try) and make it look like they were burning.  And I wanted to add some screaming skulls and faces on the inside of the cape.  I also wanted to give him the classic World Eaters tribal tattoos like you see on Angron.

Phase 8 Final Details

Lastly  I touched things up like the XII on the flayed skin on the leg and added more definition with the final details.  I also painted and varnished the base.

And here he is complete!


Sources to Make Samurai Space Marines

here is a compilation of sources for parts that can be used to create some stunning Samurai themed Space Marines!

I have been obsessed for awhile now with the idea of making some Space Marines that are based on feudal Japan’s legendary Samurai. I sadly will likely not be able to see this vision of mine come to life as I simply don’t have the money to start another wh40k army, but none the less I wanted to share with you what I have found, and hopefully learn of some more resources if you know of any I haven’t covered here.

I’m not going to touch on what Space Marine units (armor patterns) I think would be best to use, or what my lore ideas are behind my Samurai dream team lol. Instead I’m going to simply present you with what I found, and a little advice on how it could be used.

First up from https://puppetswar.eu (I really love these guys!!!!)

We have an awesome selection of Samurai heads and Katanas

They also have some ninja heads and ashigaru heads if you wanted to go that way with your army or maybe make your scouts like that. And they have some cool banners!

Then there is is this guy who is an awesome model, but honestly I would just get him for his bits to kit bash!

Next from http://anvilindustry.co.uk we have some really cool heads that while they are not (that I know of) actually intended to be samurai heads, I really think they look the part!

Then of course there are these great options for heads, back packs and more katanas from https://bitsofwar.com (Kromlech)

Honestly I think these are some of the best options available, and they are the only ones I have found with back packs!

If you want to go for a more traditional look then these heads from https://maxmini.eu/ are really good too

Finally some of the best I have found are from this source I just discovered https://www.shapeways.com/shops/haze_miniatures They have a great range of Katanas, Nodachi and Naganatas. But best of all they have some amazing looking shoulder pads that read very samurai while still keeping the traditional space marine pauldron look (because let’s face it even the least codex complying chapters still have the general space marine look) they also have some helmets that I assume you can just put one any bare head of your choosing.

Sadly in all my searching this is all I have been able to find. What do you think? Do you know of some more sources?

As always I would love to hear from you! Any and all feed back and advice is welcome!

Making Better Chaos Cultist

An outline of sources as well as tips and suggestions for building epic chaos cultist

If you are a wh40k CSM player than you no doubt are aware of the painfully limited and ultimately restricted model options for chaos cultist. There are only a few models available and those have no options for customization, or even better load out options. The only option available is one squad of five with standard weapons

This is made even more annoying by the fact that more cultist models exist, including those with heavy weapons, but were only made available in the Dark Vengeance starter set, and good luck hunting some of those down now.

All of this is not only annoying put problematic for several reasons. First chaos cultist are arguably the cheapest scoring units that chaos has available. Second the models are so limited in their sculpts that this is little to no room to make them mold into your army’s fluff because the models are so generic. And then there is the most obvious problem which is that these cheap units are limited to being cheap and virtually worthless since they are forever stuck with the most basic of loadouts.

So what is a chaos player to do? Well if your like me and you love to make your army unique then there are some awesome options available to us if you know where to look. And that is what this will hopefully teach you is where to look and give you some ideas of what is available.

So first thing is first. I’m going to be breaking this up into five that I will hit on, but this is just to give a very rough overview of what options are available out there and hopefully give you some ideas. By no means are the things covered in this a complete list of what is available out there or even all that is available on the sources I will be covering. So in short please feel free to check out these sources yourself to see what is available.

So the five aforementioned categories I will break this up into is as follows.

1) Traitor Guardsmen cultist (Lost bad the damned)

2) Militaristic cultist (think Blood Pact)

3) Basic chaos cultist (but more varied than the standard models)

4) Nurgle cultist/plague Zombies

5) Miscellaneous things that you can add to any unit to give them more character/flavor (keep things varied and not so clone army looking).

Traitor Guardsmen

First up we have these awesome units from https://puppetswar.eu/

These guys look awesome and while they are complete units, they also come in multiple parts allowing for a fair bit of kitbashing. Additionally you could always switch their heads up to make then look more chaotic. Here are a few of the head options that could work great, but also could be used to mix and match with other units if you want a more varied cultist force.

Of course weapons are important as last I check (Khorne Daemonkin was my most recent codex) virtually all cultist weapons are auto guns, and melee weapons. So next up are some awesome options from http://anvilindustry.co.uk/

These guys have amazing options going so detailed as to have different parts like scopes and magazines for each of there weapons

They also have some really cool infantry bits such as these torsos that could work great for traitor Guardsmen or militaristic cultist

To put even more icing on the cake they have some amazing head options (full bodies really) and great melee and side arm options.

Militaristic Cultist

So these in my opinion are the really fun guys to make as the potential with groups like this fluff wise is practically limitless. What I mean by Militaristic Cultist as hinted at before is groups of “Cultist” that are trained and operated like professional military forces, bit are not former Imperial Guardsmen. The reason I personally love the idea of this kind of cultist the most and why I say it has limitless fluff potential is because since these guys are not traitor guards they are not bound by any preconceived lore ideas. In other words rather than being a group of ex-cadians these guys could be militant cultist orders on a daemon world that your band of CSM inhabit. So they may have closer ties to your army than simple traitor guards, and may have even been granted permission to bear your armies iconography (of course it’s your army and cultist so any group could have this privilege). But you get the idea! So let’s get started with these awesome baddies!

Again first up is Puppetswar with these great looking guys.

These full units you can buy, but as before they are multi part (mostly) so you can mix and match them to suit your needs. Also while I would never use these heads for berserkers, the head in the middle does have variants that work pretty good for khornate cultist I think.

Next from Anvil again are some really awesome options (again this is just a small sample of what they have) that come in units or would look amazing if kitbashed with some Cadians.

Next up there are these cool heads from https://bitsofwar.com

Then there are these amazing (and I do me amazing) models from https://madrobotminiatures.com/

Let’s face it, if you want to make the Blood Pact these are the way to go! If you want to add a little more flavor and variety then check out these shoulder pads and heads from https://maxmini.eu

Basic Cultist

Don’t let my title of these guys fool you into thinking these options will be drab or boring, because I assure you they wont!

Once again I’ll kick things off with these options from puppetswar

The first guys would also (pretty sure they were intended for it) make some great mechanicus units, but I think they work great as cultist too! Then as you can see in the third image there is the oh so rare option for heavy weapons!

Next from anvil we have some really sick options that even include female cultist! (Who knew chaos cults weren’t all sausage fest lol) and there is also an awesome cultist leader!

Nurgle Cultist/Zombies

Finally the mo.ent many of you have been waiting for, and dont worry these won’t disappoint!

To kick things off (as always) we will head over to puppetswar and see this awesome zombie horde of epicness!

If you want to unleash the local PDF against it’s own citizens then these guys are a great start, but they are hardly the finisher! If you want even more rotten zombie goodness then anvil has you covered!

But what of non zombie cultist you ask? well papa Nurgle will be pleased to see that anvil thought of this too!

Ofcourse there are also other options that you could use instead of or along with these models to add a bit more place flavor such as these back packs from maxmini

Miscellaneous things

So last but not least here are some more options as well as some cool bits that you could add in for flavor or variation.

From puppetswar we have some really cool mechanical arms that are holding glaives. Honestly I would just use the arms, but the weapons are cool too

Then from anvil there are tones of options such as bullet casings, mechanical body parts, candles, rats, and so much more!

Then bitsofwar(kromlech) has some great banners and mechanical arms and such!

Next up from https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/weapons there are a good bit of weapon options, mutations and some bones

here are some more options for weapons, heads and more just to give you an idea of all the options!

Finally the last things you with are some bases and stuff from secretweaponminiatures.com

I had some more but this post is about
to kill the app and my phone
Lol. I hope you enjoyed this and you found this useful and or helpful!

* I also want to note that all of these units are multipart kits so you can kitbash them with each other or other units. I just opted to show pictures of the complete kits rather than each piece you can buy since this post was already really large.

If you know of any other sources or units I would love to hear about them! Also this is my first post like this so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

As always I would love to hear your thoughts so please dont hesitate to comment!

Creating Better Khorne Berzerkers!

Anyone who is a huge fan of the world eaters has likely seen some amazing Khorne Berzerker (KB) art, be it online, the cover of black library books, or inside a CSM codex. Reading about KB in black library novels, or other sources one quickly sees that thwys guys are seriously awesome ruthless badasses who are arguably the most iconic units in all of WH40K. I mean what is more bad ass than a group of elite units that are so pissed off all the time that they will keep sharing and fighting even when mortally wounded and blown in apart. These guys are like the black knight of Monty python’s holy grail if they where tripping on PCP and in roid rage “Tis but a flesh wound!”. These guys are the reason I decided go with a world eaters army in the first place instead of a Black Templars army (ok, so I may have an obsession with fanatical psycho butchers lol).

So if you love the world eaters and specifically the Khorne Berzerkers like me you will likely be familiar with the the disappointment of getting your first Games-Workshop Khorne Berzerker kit. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are definitely worse looking kits (*cough “obliterators/mutilators”) but the kit is just very bland when compared to some of the amazing lore and art of these guys. And then there is also the whole issue of the god awful captain/champion head in the kit. you know the one…

I MEAN COME ON GW!!!! Dont get me wrong the kit other than this guy is not a bad kit, but… it could be so much better.

In short the KB are just begging for some kit bashing to liven up the models.

So without further adieu, here is my first squad of kit bashed and (in my opinion) greatly improved khorne Berzerkers!

Before I dive in I want to make available the parts I used as best I can so I will attempt to list the parts as best I can as well as the site or link of where I got them.

The bare heads I used other than the one with the topknot as well as the awesome world eaters and skull shoulder pads are from https://puppetswar.eu

Sadly however neither of those are available anymore. All the same I highly reccomend checking them out, especially if you want to customize some cultist or imperial guard.

Skulls from


The other bits I used I got from https://hoardobits.com

The kits I used bits from are as follows.

● Chaos marauder horsemen

● Wrath mongers

● space marine tactical squad

● chaos Raptors

● Khorne Berzerkers (obviously)

● possessed CSM

● CSM Aspiring Champion.

● MK III power armor Heads (specifically the Crest for those helmets)

* sadly can’t remember all of them since I have been collecting bits for awhile now, and some of them where given to me so I am not positive of what kit they came from.

The first thing I did was made some more interesting heads. I took the horns (bunny ears) from some AoS khorne heads I had bought and attached those to different helmets and heads. I also took the MKIII helmet created as mentioned above and added it to a normal KB helmet.

The first pic I cut off the exhaust vents from a KB back pack and added skulls in there place.

The second pic I cut away part of a KB helmet and a part of one or the puppets war bare heads and added the face there so I could sculpt with GS later to make it look like his helmet was broken revealing part of his face.

The first pics are the first guy I made. I used a maurader horsemen arm for the bare arm. The chain sword is a Raptors chain sword that I added a medallion of khorne to its hilt from one of the KB chain swords. The raptor chaonswords and arms look really awesome as they are far more gruesome looking than the more basic KB weapon arms. I also took the combi-weapon from a terminator and attached it to a KB arm for one of the squad leaders. Next I attached banners to some back packs.

The last few pics are close ups of other KB I made and a different angle of the first one again.

This guy I made because I was inspired by two things. one the World Eaters Blood Priest as described in Khârn: Eater of Worlds (Pg. 55-57 I think). And the later was the awesome looking chain sword which reminded me of a 40k version of this weapon wielded by the Uruk-hai berserkers in LOTR The Two Towers

So I made this guy like he was screaming out a challenge to any brave enough to come die by his hand!

Head and shoulder pad is from puppetswar, the book is from the CSM terminator lord.

Here are the front views of half of them the one in the middle and directly to the right of him are two squad leaders.

Here is the gang all together after they have been primed, plus one special character that I will do a separate post on (can you spot which one it is?)

So there it is, my KB. If you would like to see more be sure to follow me, and as always if you have any questions, comments or critique please feel free to contact tact me!