What it’s All About

This is a blog where I show all things hobby-wise that I have done, and am working on.  My main focus is my WH40K World Eaters army the Legion of Carnage so that I can share my armies fluff, as well as showcase my miniatures that I have done.  I will also share any tips and tricks I have learned as well as make a few tutorials or at least show step by step of how I made some of the things I have made.

Lastly I want to give a shout out to KrautScientist on his Khorne’s Eternal Hunt blog for inspiring me as well as many others to dive into the world of kitbashing, and always striving to be better at this hobby we all love!

The Legion of Carnage

The World Eater’s 111th Company has had a complicated and troubled history. They have gone from being honored in the days of the War Hounds, shunned and disgraced in the days of the Great Crusade when reborn as the World Eaters to now as the Legion of Carnage being among the most savage and crazed of Khorne’s zealots.

Their leader Krälgor is considered fanatical even among the followers of Khorne, for his absolute dedication to bringing about, what he has seen in visions of blood as the Blood God’s will.  While Krälgor is certainly nothing short of being a blood thirsty berzerker of Khorne, that is not to say that he has completely lost himself to madness as so many of this brethren have.  Despite the burning call from Khorne to collect skulls, and the bite of the butcher’s nails, Krälgor is still in many regards a tactical genius as he seeks to embody all aspects of the god of blood and war, including strategy.  While Krälgor like any other follower of Khorne does not suffer to be around the presence of psychers, he has taken this hatred a step further by actively seeking them out to torture and kill for the glory of Khorne.   During the days before the Heresy up until the defeat on Terra, Krälgor maintained a close relationship, that some may even dare to call a friendship with a Chaplain, now Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers.  In that time Krälgor learned many of that legions closely kept secrets of Chaos, including rituals of summoning and binding.  This knowledge much to the despair of the Imperium has served him and the Legion of Carnage well as often a battle against the Legion of Carnage means the utter destruction of a world by means daemonic incursions as well as already relentless assaults by the legionnaires themselves.

The Ordo Malleus of the Imperial Inquisition has grown to have a special hatred for the Legion of Carnage and Krälgor in particular, because of the losses and utter corruption his presence always brings.  There is one signature feature that every attack led by Krälgor has, and it is what has lead him to be known from both traitor and Imperial alike as the “Herald of Carnage”.  That said feature is twofold.  First it is what many have begun to call the “psycher’s bane” which is the combined daemonic energies that permeate the forces of the Legion of Carnage and their ships.  These blessed energies of Khorne are often so strong that they cause many weaker psychers to die, and stronger ones to go irrevocably mad.  The second and wholly more insidious feature of his attacks is the first target of every attack be it a planet wide invasion or a simple supply raid on a space station.  The navigation cogitators on everyone of the Legion of Carnage’s ships have had Flesh Hounds of Khorne bound within them so that psychic prey can readily be found no matter where it hides.  This is used to find the astropathic choirs in any system that Krälgor enters.  Once they are found the Legion ascends on the to attack like a swarm of sharks after wounded prey.  All those astropaths that are not killed in the initial attack are taken captive to be tormented before their souls are devoured by Daemons of Khorne.  in doing this all of their suffering and pain explodes like a wave of misery in the warp so that any other astropathic relays will be hit by the tidal wave of pain and death.  By doing so Krälgor makes known is presence in the entire sector, and all know that the utter destruction of anything in the area of the waves origin point is all but certain.