Well a thing happened…

I went to the hobby store and saw this guy, and couldn’t resist buying him! I will like never use this miniature in my army as I don’t force having Slaaneshi scum in my of devout servants of Khorne. But hell I have wanted to paint one of these miniatures from the first time I saw the 1991 model! Thus noise marine is going to be some serious fun to paint!

I also could not help but add some skulls to the base for some flavour since the base seemed too empty haha. I will post the painted figure later.

Author: Kralgor

I'm a law student that absolutely loves WH40K, and all things related. As far as the hobby goes, I love to do kitbashes, paint and sculpt miniatures. I also love making scratch built tabletop terrain. I honestly almost consider the terrain aspect a hobby all unto itself as creativity is really your only limitation with scratch building terrain.

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