Newest terrain piece Inquisitor Statue/Monument

I have been in a terrain building mood for awhile now, so I finally decided to scratch that itch and dive into my junk (supplies) box and get working. This was a pretty easy, and very fun piece to build. And for something that cost me nothing to make I think it looks pretty good!

The materials I used are as follows

1. Wrestler action figure toy

2. Cardboard box lid

3. Tooth pics

4. Tons of hot glue

5. Card board double bad single ply

6. Foam sheets

7. Styrofoam

8. Foamboard

9. Some greenstuff

10. Shrinkydinks

11. Note card

For paints I used cheap Walmart paints (not using good miniature paints on scratch built terrain 😅) and a little seraphim Sepia citadel wash and barely any Nuln oil wash.

Hope this tutorial helps, or at least inspires you!

As you can see from the above pictures I built a throne out of cardboard and foamboard for the statue to sit on. Then I cut out pieces of foam sheet (the pink, blue and white) to make the armor. I used hot glue to attach all of this though some of the foam sheets I just attached with the adhesive that is on the back of each sheet.

Next I made and Aquila and an inquisitor “I”. I then used a skull that I had made sculpted out of greenstuff to add embellishments. For the GS skull I made molds out of it so I can mass produce it. I did this with all of the sculpts that I used on this the the exception of the chains and molding you will see later. The foam sheets are an awesome material because you can use a pen to engrave things on it such as the letters and such you can see on the leg, the sash, and shoulder pauldrons.

Next I built the platform he would be on and added details to the throne. The platform is made from a hexagonal shaped box lid. Not exactly sure what the box was from as I got it second hand working for an elderly lady haha. Fancy cool box though and great for terrain since she was going to throw it away. The tiles on the floor and arches on the side of the throne are made from thin single ply cardboard that I had (miniature boxes specifically khorne berzerker box). Again I used some GS skulls that I had made molds of to add more detail. The little groan dots on you see on the columns of the arches on the throne are tiny skulls, though the detail is largely lost at a distance.

The sides and rim around the top of the platform are made from more foam sheets. I used a pen to make indentions to make the rim look like individual stones and the the arches on the side look more interesting.

The spikes are the corners are made from tooth picks and the skulls at their bases facing inwards are more of the cast GS skulls I made.

Granted a lot of this is pretty sloppy work but that is not because of the material as much as the person making it lol. This is for gaming not show and I’m incredibly impatient so I did not take my time as much as I could have to prevent minor imperfections. That said a lot of the flaws could have been eliminated by not using hot glue, but that is the fastest way, and paint will hide a lot of it.

I wanted to add more details so I decided to make a necklace to put on him. I had some left over chain I sculpted and never used when making Krälgor so I used that for the necklace chain. Next I used the same tiny skulls that I used on the side of the throne to make a beaded chain that would connect to the screaming skull that would be the medallion of the necklace.

The first picture is of the medallion part of the necklace. I added a tiny aquila to the forehead of the skull to make it more interesting.

The next picture is a test I did that did and didn’t work. I taped a sewing thread down with the idea that I would super glue the tiny skulls on it to make make the beads and help add strength to it with the thread being on the back. What happened which worked out well was the skulls glad together but came off the thread rather than being glued to it, so I had them glued together like I needed without having to worry about then being glued to my table.

So I skipped a few steps because I am posting this after completing the piece rather than working on it while I make the post.

The chain sword I made from a plastic knife, a plastic rod from a giant cue tip and again more foam sheet. I also made some purity seals that I added to liven things up a bit. The wax part of the seal is made from GS and the actual paper part is made from strips of note card I cut.

In the center of each arch on the sides of the platform I used cast skeleton bodies that I had sculpted and made molds from. The back of the throne is more foam sheet that I engraved (poorly) the inquisition symbol.

Finally I painted everything. I was going for a dark grey marble look on the statue itself, which I think I got close to, but not exact. As for painting the skulls (realistic ones) skeleton bodies I just mixed some brown and white to base them in an almost flesh looking color, dry brushed with white, and finished with a wash of Saraphim Sepia.

I also used sepia on the paper of the purity seals which I had previously painted white to make them look a little more dirty and aged.

All in all this was a fun piece to work on and for something that cost me nothing to make I think it looks pretty good for a terrain piece!

If you liked this than please follow the blog, and if you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear from you!

Author: Kralgor

I'm a law student that absolutely loves WH40K, and all things related. As far as the hobby goes, I love to do kitbashes, paint and sculpt miniatures. I also love making scratch built tabletop terrain. I honestly almost consider the terrain aspect a hobby all unto itself as creativity is really your only limitation with scratch building terrain.

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