Kholak Gorehound

I came up with the concept for this as the right hand/champion of Krälgor when I was DMing a campaign in the WH40K tabletop RPG Black Crusade (highly reccomend!). I did a (very) rough concept sketch of the character for the campaign (and because I was bored and afraid I would forget the mental image I had for the character). I decided that I like the character enough that I was going to make the character in into a miniature for my army. I originally (and to a degree still am) was unsure how this character would fit into my army rule-wise as he is fuel wielding chain axes, but I figured screw it I’ll go with it and hope that my opponent is lenient. With the new Vigilus Ablaze stuff coming out I think I could make this guy into an awesome Master of Executions as it would fit into the lore I have for him perfectly. The biggest problem I have however is my knowledge on allowed wargear is very outdated now as the last game I was able to play was in 7th edit on and the most recent codex I have is the Khorne Daemonkin. That said I am never one to let rules curb vision lol. So here is my miniature version of Kholak Gore Hound.

The axes are from puppets war, the arms are Chaos maurader horsemen arms if I recall (been collecting parts for him for a long time now). The mouth grill is meant to look like a mouth eating a world, so hopefully I can show that with paint. That little world is going to be hard as heck to paint though lol

All and all I was pleased with the end result. That said I am always looking for an easier better way to sculpt the world eaters iconography. So far I have not found a very good efficient method.

If you like what you have seen be sure to follow for more, and as always any and all questions, feedback or comments are welcome!

Author: Kralgor

I'm a law student that absolutely loves WH40K, and all things related. As far as the hobby goes, I love to do kitbashes, paint and sculpt miniatures. I also love making scratch built tabletop terrain. I honestly almost consider the terrain aspect a hobby all unto itself as creativity is really your only limitation with scratch building terrain.

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