Creating Better Khorne Berzerkers!

Anyone who is a huge fan of the world eaters has likely seen some amazing Khorne Berzerker (KB) art, be it online, the cover of black library books, or inside a CSM codex. Reading about KB in black library novels, or other sources one quickly sees that thwys guys are seriously awesome ruthless badasses who are arguably the most iconic units in all of WH40K. I mean what is more bad ass than a group of elite units that are so pissed off all the time that they will keep sharing and fighting even when mortally wounded and blown in apart. These guys are like the black knight of Monty python’s holy grail if they where tripping on PCP and in roid rage “Tis but a flesh wound!”. These guys are the reason I decided go with a world eaters army in the first place instead of a Black Templars army (ok, so I may have an obsession with fanatical psycho butchers lol).

So if you love the world eaters and specifically the Khorne Berzerkers like me you will likely be familiar with the the disappointment of getting your first Games-Workshop Khorne Berzerker kit. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are definitely worse looking kits (*cough “obliterators/mutilators”) but the kit is just very bland when compared to some of the amazing lore and art of these guys. And then there is also the whole issue of the god awful captain/champion head in the kit. you know the one…

I MEAN COME ON GW!!!! Dont get me wrong the kit other than this guy is not a bad kit, but… it could be so much better.

In short the KB are just begging for some kit bashing to liven up the models.

So without further adieu, here is my first squad of kit bashed and (in my opinion) greatly improved khorne Berzerkers!

Before I dive in I want to make available the parts I used as best I can so I will attempt to list the parts as best I can as well as the site or link of where I got them.

The bare heads I used other than the one with the topknot as well as the awesome world eaters and skull shoulder pads are from

Sadly however neither of those are available anymore. All the same I highly reccomend checking them out, especially if you want to customize some cultist or imperial guard.

Skulls from

The other bits I used I got from

The kits I used bits from are as follows.

● Chaos marauder horsemen

● Wrath mongers

● space marine tactical squad

● chaos Raptors

● Khorne Berzerkers (obviously)

● possessed CSM

● CSM Aspiring Champion.

● MK III power armor Heads (specifically the Crest for those helmets)

* sadly can’t remember all of them since I have been collecting bits for awhile now, and some of them where given to me so I am not positive of what kit they came from.

The first thing I did was made some more interesting heads. I took the horns (bunny ears) from some AoS khorne heads I had bought and attached those to different helmets and heads. I also took the MKIII helmet created as mentioned above and added it to a normal KB helmet.

The first pic I cut off the exhaust vents from a KB back pack and added skulls in there place.

The second pic I cut away part of a KB helmet and a part of one or the puppets war bare heads and added the face there so I could sculpt with GS later to make it look like his helmet was broken revealing part of his face.

The first pics are the first guy I made. I used a maurader horsemen arm for the bare arm. The chain sword is a Raptors chain sword that I added a medallion of khorne to its hilt from one of the KB chain swords. The raptor chaonswords and arms look really awesome as they are far more gruesome looking than the more basic KB weapon arms. I also took the combi-weapon from a terminator and attached it to a KB arm for one of the squad leaders. Next I attached banners to some back packs.

The last few pics are close ups of other KB I made and a different angle of the first one again.

This guy I made because I was inspired by two things. one the World Eaters Blood Priest as described in Khârn: Eater of Worlds (Pg. 55-57 I think). And the later was the awesome looking chain sword which reminded me of a 40k version of this weapon wielded by the Uruk-hai berserkers in LOTR The Two Towers

So I made this guy like he was screaming out a challenge to any brave enough to come die by his hand!

Head and shoulder pad is from puppetswar, the book is from the CSM terminator lord.

Here are the front views of half of them the one in the middle and directly to the right of him are two squad leaders.

Here is the gang all together after they have been primed, plus one special character that I will do a separate post on (can you spot which one it is?)

So there it is, my KB. If you would like to see more be sure to follow me, and as always if you have any questions, comments or critique please feel free to contact tact me!

Author: Kralgor

I'm a law student that absolutely loves WH40K, and all things related. As far as the hobby goes, I love to do kitbashes, paint and sculpt miniatures. I also love making scratch built tabletop terrain. I honestly almost consider the terrain aspect a hobby all unto itself as creativity is really your only limitation with scratch building terrain.

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